Outstanding mobility and reliability on two wheels

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The new configurable hot water high-pressure trailers combine extraordinary mobility with maximum user-friendliness to create an innovative machine concept. HDS Trailers - the ideal solution for the municipal sector, industry and construction.

The HDS Trailers put powerful hot water high-pressure technology on the move, and can even be used in places without electricity or water supply. 


Powerful and reliable Yanmar diesel engines allow the machine to be used independently of any power supply. The HDS Trailer contains everything you nedd to take care of the cleaning tasks at hand; water, cleaning agents and accessories. 

The large integrated water tank allows independant cleaning at full power for up to 30 minutes, and up to an hour with reduced water flow. The machine features a large fuel tank for long periods of uninterrupted use.


The combination of effective Karcher burners, highly efficient heat exchangers and the eco!efficiency mode noticeably decreases fuel use and reduces emissions to a minimum.

The heat exchangers use waste heat from the motor to preheat the water, allowing a fuel saving of up to 14%.


HDS Trailers are designed for daily use and built to last as standard. They are manufactures using many tried-and-tested Karcher components - particularly burners, pumps and control electronics. Numerous safety functions protect against damage in the case of error, for example the water shortage safe-guard prevents the pump from running dry, frost protection protects the machine in cold exterior temperatures, the water softening protects the heating coil against harmful lime deposits.


Each HDS Trailer can be individually configured to suit customer requirements. For example, instead of the trailer operation, customers can opt for a platform that can be transported by forklift. Intended use and available vehicle fleet will determine whether the HDS Trailer is best supplied with or without an axle. This is why the platform versions Skid or Cab have been created, for example for use on load platforms in a static position on site, or installed within an existing vehicle.

Ease of Use

The machine is an easy and convenient to use as all Karcher HDS with EASY operation. 

The machine is operated using just one turn switch, making it impressively easy to use and reducing the risk of incorrect operation to a minimum.

Hose reels for the water connection and the high-pressure hose reduce work time and ensure the machine can be safely stowed away. Equipment for cleaning tasks can be safely stored in the spacious storage compartments.

Low Maintenance

Every machine needs regular service. For each Karcher HDS Trailer, an individual service package is available that is tailored to meet specific demands.

The large machine cover, under which all important components are positioned in an easily accessible way, and the use of tried-and-tested components make life easier for the Karcher service technicians.


High-pressure cleaning is a standard procedure in the municipal sector. The diversity and geographical distance between possible applications demands far more from suitable cleaning machines than simply providing water at high pressure. Mobility and independent use are important plus points for the HDS Trailer series.

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Construction sites call for mobility and high power in equal measure. Pressure and water are vital to help remove even the most stubborn dirt. And it's equally important to be able to access the cleaning area with ease.

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